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Fine Art Compositing
Compositing doesn't have to be daunting - simple techniques can remedy slight imperfections in a photo or allow you to place your subject in a fantasy world.

15.4hrs of Course Segments
8 Downloadable Materials
1 Free Preview

Fine Art Portraits
This course walks you through everything you need to know to create fine art potraits and have them hanging on gallery walls.

15.5hrs of Course Segments
1 Downloadable Material
1 Free Preview

Master Your Craft
This course will help you find new sources of inspiration, grow your photography business, and take jaw-dropping fine art photographs.

14.5hrs of Course Segments
3 Downloadable Materials
1 Free Preview

How to Transform a
Photoshoot for $10 or Less

Learn how you can use image compositing and smart set design to create stunning images at an impressively low cost.

1.5hr Course

Creating Impact in a Dull Space
This segment is perfect for an aspiring photographer looking for creative ways to enhance your portfolio or for a seasoned pro looking to reinvent your style.

1.3hr Course
1 Downloadable Material

Fine Art vs Fashion
Join two of photography's brightest creative voices to how to unlock your unique vision - whether you want to focus on honing a fine art or fashion aesthetic.

1.7hrs of Course Segments
1 Downloadable Material

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