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tips & techniques
Creating a Fine Art Series
Learn the entire process of creating a fine art series, from conceptualization, shooting, and editing to branding and pricing. Editing is done with a Surface Pen and Surface Studio 2 gifted by Microsoft.

7.1hrs of Lessons
2 Downloadable Materials
Previews Available

Conceptual Fine Art Photo Artistry
with Sebastian Michaels

Watch 6 photoshoots, edits, and the thought process behind all the details that make a huge impact in this collaborative, highly creative course.

12hrs of Lessons
10hrs of Bonus Content
Access to Facebook Group

Fine Art Photography:
The Complete Guide

Learn how to choose which ideas to create, how to turn your concept into a production, and steps to getting your work seen and even sold.

25.8hrs of Lessons
29 Downloadable Materials
Preview Available

Fine Art Portraits
This course walks you through everything you need to know to create fine art potraits and have them hanging on gallery walls.

14.2hrs of Lessons
2 Downloadable Materials
Preview Available

Fine Art Compositing
Compositing doesn't have to be daunting - simple techniques can remedy slight imperfections in a photo or allow you to place your subject in a fantasy world.

15.3hrs of Lessons
9 Downloadable Materials

Fine Art Photography Inspiration
This course will help you capture images that reflect who you are as an artist and photographer.

14.1hrs of Lessons
3 Downloadable Materials
Previews Available

How to Transform a
Photoshoot for $10 or Less

Learn how you can use image compositing and smart set design to create stunning images at an impressively low cost.

1.4hr Lesson

Simple Backdrops for Compositing
Not having a big budget or a great location should never stop someone from creating images that look expensive and refined.

1.4hrs of Lessons
Previews Available

Creating Impact in a Dull Space
This segment is perfect for an aspiring photographer looking for creative ways to enhance your portfolio or for a seasoned pro looking to reinvent your style.

1.3hr Lesson
1 Downloadable Material

Fine Art vs Fashion
Using the same tools, props, and models, Lindsay Adler and Brooke Shaden will walk you through their individual workflow and techniques.

1.7hrs of Lessons
2 Downloadable Materials