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When someone close to me contemplated ending their life, I began to assess my own relationship with death. Through those explorations, both personal and in research of other cultures, I recognized my lifelong fascination with the beauty of mortality.

How can we create a culture around grief that is vulnerable and brave? Sculptural, grotesque, figurative, and conceptual, this body of work looks at death from all angles. Do you see any beauty in mortality? Is the imagery in this show disturbing, upsetting, beautiful, or a combination?

Samsara creates a rich, uncomfortable, and open space to dissect how we internalize grief, and how other cultures practice rituals surrounding death. As you look at the art, assess your own relationship to your ephemeral existence and eventual death. Many images came from inspirations around the world of how grief manifests based on culture, location, and spiritual beliefs, from a glass hearse in India to sky burials in Tibet.