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critiques & guidance
Have your work critiqued, ask questions about photography, editing, business, and inspiration, and get face time with Brooke as she guides you through a mentoring session.

What's Included:
Portfolio Review:
A page of written, personalized feedback about your portfolio's strengths and weaknesses, with suggestions for improvement where applicable.

Two 45-Minute Video Calls:
Live discussions centered on the questions you most need answered in your business or craft. Join each call with topics you want to focus on, or let Brooke guide you through creating more impactful and successful art.

10% of proceeds go to The Light Space.

Registrations are limited to 4 per month, open until the 7th of the month, with video calls taking place on the 2nd and 3rd Saturdays of the month.


April Connected Art Mentoring Program
for Apr 27th & 1st, 2020


Registration ends May 1st.

possibly asked questions
Q: Do I need to live nearby?
A: Nope! This service is 100% online.

Q: Do I need a business to register?
A: Absolutely not! Any experience level is appropriate, whether it is your hobby or career.

Q: Are critiques only for fine art portfolios?
A: Any photographer may register. Though Brooke's specialty is in fine art photography, she has advised photographers of all types since 2010.

Q: What if I have multiple portfolios?
A: Choose one genre to send in for a critique. If you have multiple portfolios that differ greatly from one another, consider registering in a future month as well to discuss each one in depth.

Q: Why are refunds limited to the registration period?
A: Portfolios begin their review process as soon as registration closes.

Q: What are Brooke's qualifications?
A: Brooke has specialized in fine art photography since 2008. Her work has been exhibited internationally, won numerous awards, is part of museum collections, and is currently represented by several galleries. She has grown a social media following of over 1.2 million across 3 platforms, personally mentored hundreds of artists around the world, and judged many photo competitions.

Q: How will the 45-minute video calls be conducted?
A: First create a Skype account if you haven't already. When you register for your mentoring session, you'll submit your Skype Name.

Q: When will the call take place?
A: The mentoring session takes place the month it is reserved. After you register, you'll be emailed to choose a time for the call.

Q: What topics are discussed during the call?
A: Anything YOU want or need. From business advice to inspiration, editing, photography, social media, organization and more, we can focus on any questions you have about your career or craft. If you don’t have any questions for the call, questions will be prepared for you based on your work.

Q: Why are there only 4 sessions per month?
A: To be certain each individual receives maximum attention and engagement.

Q: I tried to sign up but it was full. What now?
A: If you join the waiting list, you will be notified when there is availability in the following months.

Q: Can I just email some questions?
A: Most emails are responded to, and many seek reviews and advice. Only so much time can be allocated to email responses, and as the volume grows, the time spent per response naturally decreases. Mentoring sessions are a sure way to get in-depth answers to your questions.

Q: Are there other ways I can learn from Brooke?
A: Yes! Check out these online classes.