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Brooke Shaden studied filmmaking and English in college, graduating with bachelors in each shortly after she began pursuing photography. Channeling a love for storytelling and a desire to create visually into a still camera, she created self-portraits both atmospheric and other-worldly. Self-portraiture blossomed into a career as a fine art photographer, and today she works as a visual storyteller creating surreal, whimsical, and often dark works with a camera and Photoshop. Her images have been presented with a number of fine art and conceptual awards as well as solo and group exhibitions with gallery representation. As of March 2017 she is a Sony Artisan of Imagery.

In addition to fine art photography, Brooke is a writer. She runs a popular blog called Promoting Passion and published Inspiration in Photography with Focal Press. Her focus is in building community and instilling the message that life is more fulfilling when you are the main character. By sharing this message she has also become a motivational speaker, urging people to create with their deepest passion. She runs a yearly convention called Promoting Passion that illustrates her message through a series of workshops and lectures.

On top of her careers in photography, writing, and speaking, Brooke is a devoted philanthropist. After traveling to India in 2013, she began teaching self-expression through photography to survivors of human trafficking in Kolkata. There she opened The Light Space in 2015, a photography school offering creative and sustainable careers for underprivileged communities.
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